Monday, July 16, 2018

"Everyone's a Critic"

People will usually look outwards and never see themselves as they truly are. I'm not trying to be self-righteous and I'm well aware of my limitations and what I'm capable of. I know my flaws and it has always been a work in progress, but there are just some people who make it their personal mission to nitpick at those flaws without even the slightest hint of being aware of theirs.

It's funny that when you observe or listen to how other people behave and talk - it is perfectly okay for them to rant about politics, social ills or their personal problems with their friends or relatives or even in public and through social media and they're praised for it. But, once I do the same - I sound arrogant, a "know-it-all" or a fake to these same "perfect people".

I particularly admire the "double-standards" that our society has and it is only those who are well-accepted because they're so funny, rich and the most "popular" in the the universe who can say about almost anything without being lambasted or picked on. I suppose people who are gifted with humor, charm and universal "people-skills" personalities are the only ones who can be accepted in any society - another prejudicial example of "double-standards" in society.

Here's my take - I am here just like everyone else for a reason and it is not your responsibility (whoever you are) to know or find out why I'm here and why I'm doing what I'm doing, live the way I do or speak and think the way I do. The point is - it's my life and I live it according to my own terms and not yours.  I don't need your approval, validation or opinions - because I am the master of my fate and not you. Anyone who says otherwise can either go to hell or you can just shove it up your assess! I am only answerable to my God and not any "false Gods" out there who see themselves as infallible.

My advice: just live your godforsaken lives and minimize the nitpicking about anyone's personality or character flaws. Manage YOUR OWN FLAWS instead, because you definitely have your own. Don't use Facebook or any SNS to sarcastically comment about another's flaws without even considering your own - in other words, cease to be a hypocrite or a "false God" - no one and I mean NO ONE is ever perfect and even the very world and universe we live in has inherent flaws. If you can't even see that, then you're not only blind - but a self-righteous ignoramus and perhaps living in your own "ideal" wonderland.

Like I said, I know my flaws and they are my own - it should stop at that. Know yours and focus on them instead of wasting time focusing on another's.