Friday, November 18, 2016


As most fitness enthusiasts and hard-core gym-freaks like me would attest to the fact, leg-workouts can be torturous or downright detestable. However, we cannot also discount the fact that it is imperative and essential to have balanced development of strength and endurance of all major and minor muscles of the body - particularly the legs, regardless if it will leave you breathless, make you see stars or vomit at the end of your gut-wrenching workout (literally - most of the time).

These videos are one of those heavy leg workouts I had, literally leaving me weak in the knees after a an hour. I've already done heavy leg presses, extensions and curls, so I was just able to manage doing partial squats as this was my last workout set

I apologize for the pixelized texture though, as it was just taken via a low-tech camera phone:

Anyhow, it was definitely a fulfilling leg workout and my legs were sore until the next 48 hours :)

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