Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Freak of Nature"

Atypical, an aberration, weird, quirky, strange - "Freak!" These are the usual words blurted out by "normal" people and those who couldn't get out of the mold or of social norms. I actually don't have anything against these people as I pity them for their fear or ignorance due to their lack of understanding of unique individuals who don't conform - aka, being "unique".

Sadly, these harsh labels are brought about by their very nature of being defensive as a protective mechanism for something or someone they don't understand and I guess they will never ever do. It is also because people like these will never comprehend beyond what they perceive with their own two eyes.

Of course, people have standards and we are somehow bound by social norms and cultural or traditional expectations - but does it mean that breaking out of the mold and not simply being "black & white" or believing and defending your own convictions of being unique gives other people the right to label us with these seemingly ignorant and repugnant adjectives? 

Not being judgmental or anything, but these are the very same people who self-righteously disagree with bullying of any form and those who wouldn't want to be judged or labeled as well. Double-standards, right? As our very own unique" president always say, "Men judge best when they condemn".

I myself, am not being self-righteous nor am I excluding myself from the natural instincts and tendencies of being human, but I have developed the habit of not judging people regardless of how bad, how strange or "different" they are from my natural biases that I grew up with. It is also because I can very much relate to be in the receiving end of such character attacks and because nobody possesses a perfectly pristine character. My actions and statements therefore are merely reactions of how people treat me. 

You leave me be, I leave you be. You attack me and challenge me, I attack you and challenge you head on. You treat me amiably well, I give you a "red-carpet" treatment. Befriend me sincerely and get close to me and I'll be a loyal friend for life in return. I respect everyone's uniqueness and I do not (in every way humanly possible) judge you for who or what you are. It's just right that I deserve the same kind of respect and treatment - even if we hate each other's guts. We can respect each other as human beings regardless of our past, achievements, beliefs, gender, professions, religious convictions or race. After all, these are all temporary and death comes to us all that is considered the great "equalizer" - and by the way, I do not fear death like most people do - which also means that I do not fear anything or anyone.

My seemingly silent, cold, nonchalant and aloof look doesn't necessarily mean that I have something to boast about nor does it mean that I'm anti-social. As an introvert, it is part of my nature to value solitude and silence. 

We all have a choice to make on how we should live our lives and no one has the right to even dictate on someone how he/she should live theirs. We all have the right to express our opinions about others and how they live their lives as part of the democratic process, but it's different when we express our opinions to intentionally malign another, even if it's just a joke. I think we should learn to make the choice of not giving in to our usual human tendencies of being prejudicial out of some norm, standard or bias, mostly because of peer pressure or because we would like to gain the approval of many on Facebook or Twitter- also because we don't want others to do the same to us. We can always rise above our natural instincts and tendencies and be more intellectually-driven, instead of blatantly, indiscriminately or indirectly lambasting other people that only reflects intellectual incapacity, breeds animosity and simply put - how competent ignorant morons we can sometimes be.

Before pointing a finger at someone, labeling or judging them and assuming too much - try to look at your own selves in the mirror and count your own flaws and human imperfections. Once you have done so, think again before labeling anyone- because no one in this world is faultless. 

Am I a freak of nature? Yes, I am and I'm proud of it. I see the world differently, I think differently, I interpret things differently - in short, I'm unique and expressing such is the very essence of individuality. Being an introvert and a non-conformist does not make me a mentally-deranged person, but it's just that my inner world of  is much more colorful than my external one. No one has to understand, accept or like it as I don't demand or expect anything from anyone and no one should even demand or expect anything from me as well. So, just live your lives the way you think is right for yourselves the way I have always done so with mine. To each his own and keep your dysfunctional, idiotic comments to yourselves. 

It's high time that as educated and civilized individuals, especially those who have the inclination for erudition to overcome and go beyond the natural, but flawed human tendency of prejudicial thinking borne out of fear or ignorance - especially the common Filipino trait of "crab-mentality". 

Better yet, focus on intellectual pursuits and work on your own flaws and imperfections  rather than focusing on another's. Living in a democratic country does not give us the right or even the privilege to look down on another, besides our idiosyncrasies do not and should not define us since it only makes up a fraction of who we really are underneath.  

nuff said. 

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