Thursday, April 2, 2015

"April Fool's"

I never really took April Fool's seriously, obviously. Nevertheless, I was the butt of my own joke when I had to go to the bank to deposit money and I was such in a rush so that I wouldn't be late for my 1:30 pm log-in time.

I waited anxiously as I looked at the queue ticket I got from the entrance: # 998 as I compared the number on the counter: #955. There were moments where the queue breezed along, while there were also sluggish ones.

I looked at the time on my cellphone, it was 1:10. I got up and talked to the staff and immediately walked out of the bank. 

I hurried home and was sweating bullets thinking the whole time that I was late. I arrived at around 1:38 pm.

I immediately switched on my router and my PC and logged in Skype. Sent the message: "on board" and apologized for being late for the 30-minute-log-in time.

I clicked on the teacher's page and saw that my first class starts at 14:30. Seriously???!!! Geez! I was actually a lot earlier than I thought. My log-in time should have been 2:00 pm. Had a small chat with the Admin in charge at that time and she said: "I thought you were just joking around, because you logged-in earlier than the usual." 

I said: "Yes, ma'am! I thought I was late - I suppose because it's April Fool's Day! The joke's on me!

Well, I suppose a lot of us have experienced something like this once in our lives. This is definitely one for MY history book!

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