Friday, January 2, 2015

Practical Home Tip 2: Pipe Leaks

I'm sure a lot of you have encountered a lot of headaches trying to find the source of leaks from the pipes under your sink. I can empathize and have had my own share of inconveniences. The usual solution for pipe leaks are teflons and sealants:

Teflon Tape

I have practically used tons of teflons and sealants to repair the pipes, but it can be very taxing to find the source of the leaks, especially because the pipes are "u-shaped". Even if you have a handy flashlight, it's virtually impossible to find where the leak is coming from.

Teflons are only effective when sealing straight portions of the pipe, but what about the "u-bends"? The plastic or metal connectors that connect the straight pipes? Not everything could be covered thoroughly. Good luck with that!

Sealants are easier to apply and definitely can reach those tighter areas that teflon tapes can't. But using applicators will be quite daunting, because it would be quite difficult to reach those tight spaces while holding the applicator tightly and your whole hand and wrist will just get in the way.

 So one of my quick fixes that worked like magic was: I wrapped my index finger with masking or duct tape until I've covered almost half of it, then I dipped that finger in a can of sealant and apply it generously to those tight spaces. VOILA!- you can reach those tight spaces easily.

Hope I have helped some of you in some way! Happy plumbing! (if it's even considered enjoyable :D)

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