Sunday, October 26, 2014

"The Blink of an Eye"

Seasons end, time flies, children grow up, leaves change color and fall, tides change, the sun sets, people grow old, the world turns - everything happens in a blur as if we all are looking through the lens of a high-speed camera with its shutter clicking away with intervals of microseconds.

It is therefore so easy to take for granted the simple things, because they pass so quickly and we are so absorbed with our daily tasks and concerns that are equally fleeting. Looking back, there were regretful things that I've done or I have not done, that I should have, but hey - it's done and over.

It's not too late as they say, and I'd like to believe that second chances are for those who open their minds to possibilities, which I have.

I suppose looking at the details of things in general is a clear advantage on my part, because I do get to notice and appreciate the little things that do matter, but I never really used it in a way to look at life through a microscope, so to speak.

One particular experience is meeting a wonderful person whom I never thought in my wildest dreams to have almost a complete alignment of my experiences, unique outlook in life, a medical background (to say the least) and simple dreams and aspirations, despite ironically having a complicated life.

It is for this reason why I cherish this bond fiercely, because "seldom" and "rare" are words all too familiar for me. She is definitely a rare find and I will be forever grateful to have met her and will always be loyal to our special bond. I don't waste any time to make her feel how important she is to me, as close to my heart like family.

My current life law: "Never pass up on the opportunity of breathing in life's surprises, whether big or small"

So, look at the sky, find clouds with unique shapes. Appreciate the sweat in your brow, when the sun is shining bright. Listen to the birds and see the leaves change color and fall. Stop, look and listen and notice every little thing that you take for granted - waste no time, not even a few seconds because everything happens in a blink of an eye.

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