Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Glenda" a.k.a "Rammasun"

Still couldn't sleep well and it seems that my insomnia is getting worse - but for some reason, I'm getting used to it.

Had erratic lesson schedules this week, because the storm knocked out the power transmission lines in the southern part of Manila and we will be having rotating blackouts until such time that repairs are completed, according to MERALCO (Manila Electric Company)

It was also unfortunate that a concrete electric post in my place was damaged because of the typhoon:


Some of my neighbors said that it will take about 3 days to restore the electricity in our village.

I'm now staying at my sister's and I brought my laptop with me. I was so excited to have a class yesterday at 15:00 and then the power went out again. I then used my sister's laptop as I wasn't able to bring my own laptop battery. 

I was only able to have one class and decided to go back home to get my other battery and was ready for my 1830 class. Upon logging in and exchanged correspondences with the Admin in charge, my battery went dead.

I just decided to cancel the rest of my classes since I didn't know when the power will be restored. Oh well, at least I tried - I just felt frustrated though.

My sister's pocket WIFI is stable enough and quite reliable, especially with its rechargeable battery and it doesn't use too much power as compared to the laptops - but I don't feel the same way with the current status of our electrical service here.

I'm able to write this blog as of the moment and everything seems fine,but I hope that it's the same later on when I have my classes - keeping my fingers crossed.

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