Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cold Heat

Another abstract I painted and the inspiration for this was the emblem of my university where I graduated from:

because I have always been fascinated by its design, but instead of just focusing on the sun itself, I added my own twist:

"Cold Heat"
The image represents the duality of life where everything goes in pairs, black/white, good/bad, happiness/sadness, day/night, life/death, cold/hot, love/indifference, noise/tranquility, etc.

The stoic face represents "indifference" to the ever-changing and fleeting  seasons of life. All the "noise" that one experiences may be "drowned out" by total numbness to preserve one's inner peace. 

Human emotions are as extreme as cold and heat and finding a sense of balance through the stoic face can be quite challenging- but it is always possible :)

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