Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Daily Dose of Laughter and...Vocabulary?

If you're into TV shows or movies, then you're in the right track. It's an untapped lexical resource for EFL learners who would like to enjoy watching their favorite show and learn at the same time.

Here are some of my favorites:

     0:24  Joey: "That's great! Hey can you cast me in it?"
                        - "to choose actors for a part in a play, movie, advertisement, etc (based on context)

              Chandler: "Oh,..I don't know. I really don't think you're right for the part."
              Joey: "What do you mean?!! I could do anything! I'm a chameleon, huh!!"
                         - "a person who can adapt to different roles easily" (based on context)

      0:00 Rachel: "Hey!"
              Ross: "Hey! So, what do you wanna do tonight? There's a Ukrainian film at the Angelica that's supposed to be very powerful. Interested?"
              Joey: "No,...no. But I'll go see a normal person movie with ya."
                           - "a way of saying that - "I'd rather watch a movie that I can relate to and I find more interesting."

      0:12 Ross: "Rach, you wanna come?"
              Rachel: "Oh, no I can't...I gotta date."
              Ross: "Wh,... A date?"
              Rachel: "Yeah! Why, is that weird for you?"
              Ross: "Why, no..it's the opposite of weird, it's.. uh... regular,..it's.. uh,...it's mundane,  it's actually uh...a little dull."
                             - something that is "ordinary" or "routinary"

      0:29 Joey: "It's no Ukrainian film, I tell ya"
              Rachel: "Oh! earrings!"
              Ross: "A date???!!! She's got a date with,...with,...with who?!!!
              Joey: "I set her up with this actor on my show."
                        - (Phrasal Verb) - to arrange a "date" in behalf of someone

If you want a dose of daily laughter and enjoy the lighter side of "friendship", I really recommend this show, even if you just get to watch reruns - nothing beats the hilarious encounters of these "friends" and you will literally keep coming back for more.

Enjoy! :)

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