Friday, November 1, 2013

An Extension of Home

Last Oct 26, the gym where I started lifting weights and the very reason why I have a healthy lifestyle, recently closed down permanently. It was really unexpected and my last workout was the most nostalgic.

There weren't a lot of clients at that time, but I had to workout in that place for the last time:

Universal Gym has been operating for more than a decade and it was a shock not only for me, but also for the other clients that have been accustomed to the facility.

It's not really a facility comparable to that of the premiere gyms in the city, but I call it home and it has all the machines and free weights that a weight lifter needs. The barbells and dumbbells may be a  little rusty and some of the machines may not have the same quality as the well-known brands, but it still served their purpose for the "hard-core" lifters who don't care about a little rust and stain because it's only the workout that matters. The fee isn't bad either - very cheap.  It's just candy land for me.

I brought my phone and decided to take this photo. The receptionist in the center obviously isn't too happy and my friend on the other end seem to just hide the same sentiment.

I just decided to go to another gym near my place. It's really not the same as the old one, but it's better than nothing and just like everything else - life goes on :)

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