Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Unified Diversity"

Society is and has always been dynamic, always in transition from one stage to the next. Technology for example, is moving towards convergence - combining different elements into one. Phones started out as a simple communication device and now, you can surf the net, play games, watch movies, send and receive emails or post on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., it is also an mp3 player, digicam and a planner/organizer-in-one.

In the near future, phones can probably shave beards and carry a portable umbrella when it suddenly rains.

If you examine all other technologies, whether in medicine, electronics, or automotive, all of them have undergone some form of hybridization.

Society itself is moving towards multiculturalism because of globalization and interracial marriages.Countries from different continents are divided by vast oceans, but societies have somehow resulted to a unified melting pot of various cultures, religions, beliefs, customs and traditional practices. Imagine what 50 years down the road would be like - there would probably be a unified culture shared by all nationalities and hopefully people would have a common understanding of each other's differences.

The education sector focuses more on hybrid learning strategies, taking into account the ever-changing needs, learning styles and a wide-range of learner intelligence types. Gone are the days that teachers discuss lengthy lessons and students just listen and accept what they hear hook, line and sinker.

Students now are required to interact and most of the time, learn how to think for themselves if they want to improve their skills further. It's not just assimilating from a particular lesson, but learning to gain insight, foresight and being more functional in any practical situation. The holistic approach of teaching and learning thus came to be, because this is what life exactly reflects and demands.

Machines and gadgets are more efficient, people do and accomplish more, bloodlines and lineages become more hybridized and varied, society is now more complex than it is, but unified. What was once divided and separated can now be found in a single individual or area, offering diversified cultures, traditions, customs and practices, functions and features, learning and teaching methods, etc.

Just like with everything else in life, there will always be advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on our perceptions and how we choose to respond to these inevitable changes.

In my humble opinion, convergence offers an eclectic avenue for creativity and diverse choices - sort of like: "getting the best of a lot of worlds".

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