Thursday, February 7, 2013

Takbo Mo, Dasal Ko 2013

Literally translated as: "Your Run, My Prayer" - first run of 2013 and my wife was very enthusiastic about it because of a mass before the run. This I guess is what makes it unique, because all the other runs focuses on the event itself as well as the prizes and the sponsors.

It's literally  a run with a purpose, just like the other charity events that are worth joining.

The run though didn't start on time and no warm-up was done, so if you're an "eager-beaver" and just galloped your way through the course, you will find yourself sore and breathless in the middle of your run.

I decided to use the preparation time to do some light warm-ups as I waited for the start of the race. Checked on my wife several times to make sure that she's alright, because she hasn't run for quite a while.

The streets were narrow, basically a 2-lane road - but it was also a change of "pace" from the usual route that we run on. There were several inclines (good thing I run on some during practice), but was still tough nonetheless.

Along the route, I noticed a guy running towards the opposite direction, shouting: "we need an ambulance!". That's when I saw a teenage girl who passed out in the middle of the road as the marshalls and bystanders helped out to regain her consciousness. I hope she's okay.

I pushed on and ignored the labored breathing that I was experiencing and thought that I'm stronger than I think I am and just like life that will practically throw every piece of obstacle and crap that I could ever imagine, there will always be a  finish line.

It's always fulfilling to reach the finish line without any mishaps, regardless if I didn't place first or get noticed by the cameras - after all it is a competition against yourself. Everyone has his/her own goal, but mine was just to finish it and have a sense of accomplishment, not to mention the "feel-good endorphins" that gives me that natural high - it's worth every drop of sweat.

As I finished my 5k run, I was given a small brown paper bag with a boiled egg, a piece of banana and a bottle of Pocari Sweat - well now- this makes the race even more worthwhile! Perfect recovery meal - carbs + protein and electrolytes.

I waited for my wife to finish her 3k and gave her the same recovery meal bag that I requested for, before it runs out! We proceeded to a basketball court where the other runners were. There were several tents of sponsors like Salonpas, Safeguard, Caribee Philippines, who had a free photo op amongst others:

Thank you to Caribee Philippines


There was even free Zumba sessions for those who just want  maximize the event and it was also cool to see some nuns who joined in the fun:

Who says sports are only for athletes?

My wife even joined in  during the middle half of it:

All in all, the event was a success and of course, pure fun! My wife and I ate breakfast in a nearby resto and headed home. The sun was already searing hot when we arrived, tired and sleepy - but fulfilled.

Till the next fruitful run.

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