Monday, February 4, 2013

"Angel Eyes"

I accidentally found this video of a country-western group named: "Love and Theft". Their song: "Angel Eyes" has a catchy tune and it's virtually impossible to get it out of your head. I have never heard of this group before, so I practically got curious and listened to their other songs.

They have a unique, raw and country-western acoustic sound that is worth listening to. The lyrics of the song tells about  two rebellious girls who ironically are the daughters of a preacher. The melody, the rhythm and the lyrics of the single were well-arranged that hit #1 in the charts last August.

You can read more here:

Their voice quality reminds me of the "Everly Brothers" that I learned to appreciate at a very young age. Their songs were the first ones I learned how to play in my guitar and they too had their unique sound during their era, focusing mainly on ballads that are now considered a classic.

The Everly Brothers

Hope you enjoy Love and Theft as much as I did - definitely a group worth listening to and watching out for :)

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