Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eiken Training

Last November 22 2012, I had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the Eiken trainors as well as from my co-trainees related to their teaching strategies, ideas and methodologies. As an educator, I cannot stress enough the value of continuous learning.

It was an arduous and intensive 6-hour training, but it was all worth it. It was very insightful in terms of my teaching strategies and what needs tweaking. With all modesty aside, I also discovered that the way the Eiken Vocabulary is taught is not far from how I teach it during my lessons. There will always be more room for improvements of course and refining my teaching skills will always be a priority.

There were pointers that were very useful and invaluable as an educator - learning never ceases indeed.

Next year, I would be focusing on the Callan and hopefully in the near future - the TKT from British Council. My goal is not to impress, but to hone my present skills and share what I've learned to English learners.

Of course, I'm still human and throughout the course of my teachings, I will always learn a thing or two from my experiences or from the students. I do not claim that I'm an expert in everything, but I could confidently say that I'm an expert learner and I will always strive to be a competent educator for learners of every age and aid them in language acquisition.

Change is truly inevitable. It's a matter of accepting it, embracing it and understanding the natural flow of things - nothing is permanent and therefore, we have to change with the times and adapt. Educators are no exception: learning and teaching strategies change inevitably- so keeping abreast is the only option to better address the unique needs of students.

Language acquisition: it will always be "multi-sensory" and "multi-faceted"

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