Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dog Tags

When we hear the word "dog tags", it is usually associated with military personnel that is a mandatory "necklace" with oval-shaped, aluminum, rust-resistant metal plates on a stainless necklace. It contains the personnel number as well as unique and necessary information for the soldier who wears it.

I stumbled upon a kiosk in a local mall and I just got curious. I investigated further and found out that it's a stall that offers customized dog tags. You can practically think of any name, word or title (as long as it fits the required number of characters) and it will be engraved right in front of your eyes for a fee.

SM North Edsa - Ground Level

They offer different kinds of designs and styles to choose from. I chose the medical tag because of its  practical relevance:

I normally wear this tag where ever I go, especially when I'm running. I think it's actually a good idea if civilians have these medical tags with necessary information on it. It can be quite convenient for medical personnel to identify important information related to medical history of the patient and contact details in case of emergencies.

Well, okay - I must admit - it's not just the information, but the fashion sense of it! It looks quite cool especially when worn with a plain white shirt :D

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