Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After working out in a local gym, I bought a pregnancy kit for my wife as well as a chocolate cake that she's requesting. I really can't explain what I'm feeling - both nervous and excited.

Nervous, because I would be a first-time father and being a perfectionist - I always think of future events before they happen and prepare for it. But, I thought nothing could really prepare me for something like this. I also feel very excited because I would like to know how our child would look like and I would be teaching her Russian and British accents - hahahaha!!!  - headache for my wife - I'm sure :D

My wife would be doing the pregnancy test tomorrow morning. I do hope that she would have a healthy pregnancy without any hitches or complications. 

I'll just have to listen to Voltes V and Daimos Anime theme songs and that relaxes my nerves.

That's it for now. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

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