Friday, November 9, 2012

"Weekend Fun"

Another weekend and our day starts with the usual late breakfast while doing the laundry. Sweeping the floor and cleaning the bathroom are the usual routines. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter how routinary our weekend can be because it's what happens afterward that makes it different.

It's either we have DVD marathons, go to the mall, have casual conversations or any simple thing that could make our Saturday afternoon different from the other Saturdays that have passed.

7 days a week and my wife and I only have one day we could spend time together. It's for this reason why we make the best of it or should I say,...make the best fun of it :)

How do you spend your weekend? Hope you have a good one...always! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After working out in a local gym, I bought a pregnancy kit for my wife as well as a chocolate cake that she's requesting. I really can't explain what I'm feeling - both nervous and excited.

Nervous, because I would be a first-time father and being a perfectionist - I always think of future events before they happen and prepare for it. But, I thought nothing could really prepare me for something like this. I also feel very excited because I would like to know how our child would look like and I would be teaching her Russian and British accents - hahahaha!!!  - headache for my wife - I'm sure :D

My wife would be doing the pregnancy test tomorrow morning. I do hope that she would have a healthy pregnancy without any hitches or complications. 

I'll just have to listen to Voltes V and Daimos Anime theme songs and that relaxes my nerves.

That's it for now. Keeping my fingers crossed :)