Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sick Days

Woke up today and still felt feverish and my throat felt thick as if I swallowed a pillow. My nose was clogged and I sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars when I speak. I got out of bed sluggishly and went on my routine of washing up and preparing for breakfast.

It's 10:30 and I'm finishing off my breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of banana. I practically couldn't taste anything, but I just thought - it's necessary as a pre-workout meal.

Yes, you read it right- even though I felt very sick and feverish, I still decided to go the local gym and work out. If I sweat this out, I can reduce my sick days.

So, sluggishly I went to the gym - literally dragging my feet. It was a 15-minute walk, and the sun was searing hot. It's a good thing that I met some of my oldest friends there and we had a good conversation (like Katsumoto and Algren from the "Last Samurai" -hahaha!)

It's already 12:15 - have to work out already and not waste too much time talking. I did my usual circuit exercises and had very short conversations with my old friend while resting between sets. (multi-tasking - hahah! again!) Sweated really profusely and it felt good. Finished my workout at around 1:00pm and on my way home.

The searing sun was suddenly replaced by a cooler wind and cloudy skies. I should be happier, because I don't need to feel so uncomfortable with the extreme heat. But I actually felt cold as if it's wintertime. I'm still not well - obviously.

Arrived home - finally. Drank my protein drink, prepared my lunch - sweet potatoes and tuna and boiled some eggs. Showered first, then ate lunch. It's like I'm eating wood, there's practically no taste because of my colds. Anyway, I'm positive I'll be better soon enough.

I just look at this old picture of mine to motivate myself:

I took this picture 3 years ago and it was really quite expensive to maintain this kind of mass. But it's very motivating nevertheless. Tomorrow I'll be running early and hopefully I will feel better. 

I usually do this to sweat out my "illness", if there's such a thing. But, it pretty much works out for me since it shortens my sick days, so to speak. I don't particularly recommend this for everyone because of the stress that it causes on the body. 

In my case, it just works - whew!

Well, logging on now for my online job and will be eating boiled egg whites every 2 hours.

Some may think of me as being obsessed, but I call it being passionate :)

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