Sunday, October 21, 2012

Self-learning Strategies for EFL Learners

Most students don't have time because of busy schedules at work, house chores or unforeseen activities. The obvious question is: How could I find the time in studying English?

1) Make time.

   Time is usually against us, but  if we could squeeze in at least 10-15 mins 3x per week or even during the weekends, it could make a big difference. Reviewing your lessons weekly and select those that are personally important to you. You could supplement your lessons using these links: - Online Bilingual quizzes (Japanese-English) - Vocabulary and Grammar - Voice of America Channel (Listening/Grammar/Vocabulary) - Basic Collocations - vocabulary and Grammar

2) Have an online or written diary.

   Record any new words/expressions/phrases or any corrections in terms of grammar and sentence structure. This would serve as a "quick reference guide", because you can remember the most important points and what needs to be improved more. Read it constantly, until you have learned from your errors and integrated the important details in your life. Remember that your ultimate goal is not to memorize, but to understand, utilize and integrate the important points of your lessons. - it should always be progressive.

3) Listen, read aloud and repeat.

   Listening to a recorded text and reading the actual text aloud (while listening to yourself  or recording your voice) should be the backbone of your learning. The holistic approach of learning multiple skills is not only time-efficient, but also a reflection of real-life situations wherein English skills are used simultaneously.

This is primarily a pronunciation site and focuses on the "schwa" or reduced vowel and proper rhythm and intonation. But you can also learn: Vocabulary/expressions, proper sentence structure (correct word order and word choice) and Grammar that is based on relevant contexts.

You can also think of your own self-learning strategies based on your specific circumstances and needs. The key is being able to sustain your language studies without losing interest or having a burnout.

Hope these tips could help - keep the faith!

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