Friday, March 30, 2012

"Ageless Aspirations"

It's inspiring to have met a mother of two who was just a simple housewife for several years and because of some twist of fate, her life changed in more ways than you and I can imagine.

Her name is Midori. She decided to take up courses related to embryology and reproductive health in 2002 and graduated 2004. She then got her PhD in Embryology from Ochanomizu University thereafter in 2007. What's mind-blowing is that she didn't plan it nor was there any conscious aspiration or prodding from her parents that lead up to who she is now.

She intentionally went out of her comfort zone (out of necessity) to pursue a career that she wasn't even familiar about. Just like any newbie who's starting out, she went through a lot of difficulties while working in a lab where she was employed before.

Issues leading to misunderstandings, altercations and the usual institutional challenges bourne out of natural human tendencies. Due to her strong will and outspoken nature, it wasn't difficult for her to speak her mind and confront the issues hurled at her. Midori of course, is just being Midori, who is very much different from most women in Japan.

Currently, she is an accomplished Embryologist with several papers published in leading medical journals, e.g. the Reproductive Health Journal. She is now working on her new research and preparing for the IVF conference in Osaka regarding "Recombinant Albumin" this September '12.

Regardless of the obstacles, cliche's and sometimes self-doubt or people who don't believe in your goals, Midori is one of the best examples of empowerment  especially for the women of a very traditional, Japanese society. Her individualistic points-of-view, beliefs and convictions are worth emulating and deserves the utmost respect.

Many of you may ask, why have I written a kind of biography for someone like Midori? It's not only to inspire and break the cliches of any "boxed-in" thinking of any traditional society, but also to break the barrier of age and gender that even men could emulate, respect and admire.

It's also a reminder that persistence, patience and diligence are the important ingredients for reaching our aspirations, but it all boils down to passion that Midori has inexorably and relentlessly shown.

I should know, because I am passionate in fitness and teaching and started out late in life. As they say, age is just a number and we all started in life knowing nothing regardless of the accolades and achievements that we have gained. It never really is too late and there's always something new to learn.

If Midori could make a huge difference in her life, anyone of us could also do the same thing and that's inspiring to know.

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