Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Ingenious mind

Artists of the Renaissance became widely known because of their distinct styles and techniques that were unique to their era. Most of the tools and media were limited due to the technology of their time, but these artists managed to produce the most notable and acclaimed works of art in history.

The modern-day artists have access to limitless variety of tools and media that gave birth to various forms of artistic expression. It has been centuries since the earliest form of art and regardless of the span of time and huge disparity of styles, it is creativity that acts as a common medium that paints immortalized works of art with every stroke of the brush on the canvass.

Whether it be art, music, theatre arts, writing or any profession, creativity knows no bounds. It is for those who believe that with imagination come limitless possibilities. Those who are able to wield the potential of ingenuity, open doors of learning opportunities as well as a path to self-discovery.

If applied to everyday living, creativity presents an alternative avenue and is presented in its most practical form: resourcefulness. We learn how to live with whatever we have and use whatever is available to solve the most serious and the most trivial issues in life. For example, instead of using the usual bandage or gauze for a patient with a puncture wound, we could use a handkerchief or tear a part of his shirt as a temporary bandage.

If we want to boil water, but there is no tea kettle available, then why not use a frying pan? As long as we don’t add oil to it and fill it up to the brim. Kidding aside, we are faced with a variety of issues and obstacles and we all have choices to make. Ingenious decisions may not be a work of art or what society accepts as “normal”, but if thinking out-of-the-box to effectively address a predicament gets the job done, then why not?

Being creative can sometimes raise eyebrows, but it’s because they don’t have a full understanding of the process and therefore fail to realize the potential of inventiveness in everyday living.

The brush is an indispensable tool for painters, the media that they use (oils, acrylics, pastels, mixed-media, etc) and their unique styles only takes form when applied on canvass. Computers are vital for graphic artists, cameras for photographers, exercise equipment for trainers, instruments for musicians and knowledge, wisdom and emotional intelligence for teachers.

Each with his/her own media and creativity that are common elements to concretize every individual’s unique styles on their chosen canvass of professions and lives.

Life is a canvass, paint it creatively well.

Resilience in Adversity

It is through adversity that our true strength is revealed, it is through suffering that we are reminded of our humanity, it is through pain that our character is molded and strengthened. As inevitable and sometimes inordinate as it may seem, it is part of each and everyone’s reality.
What is prosperity without adversity? What is success without failure? What is the good without the bad? Everything in life exists in pairs, black and white, life and death, happiness & sorrow, ambiguity and lucidity, and so is the same with adversity.

Knowing, as they say is half the battle, and understanding and accepting these facts is easier said than done. The irrevocable realization of such truths has been a result of unique and arduous journeys that some of us have partaken throughout our lives and careers.

Part of these adversities occur from within, whether it is self-doubt, insecurities, inadequacies or imperfections and is usually magnified by external experiences from inequities and most of the time, circumstances not under our control. We would probably think that we are at the losing end with every adversity that we encounter, but in every failure, disappointment or embarrassment is a point of realization that we are being tempered for a higher purpose and not just go through life haphazardly.

I totally agree that it’s not easy to see this when we are experiencing an unpleasant situation and we would even be in denial about it. But after the storm has passed, it should be clear to us that nothing is wasted – everything has a purpose, even adversities.

Life is never easy, but there are “lifeboats” that reach out to us to give us a hand or even a clue of how we should be able to cope with each obstacle. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. 
Some may be as popular and celebrated men of history, the likes of Winston Churchill who despite insurmountable odds was able to win the war with the Allies.

Others like Lance Armstrong, was able to overcome cancer and win the Tour de France seven times.  There are also others who are as ordinary as you and me who have experienced different levels of obstacles that are probably a fraction of what these men have undergone and despite that, it is an experience worth learning from and a chance to strengthen our will even more.

So the next time you go through precarious and overwhelming situations, take the bull by the horns and use all means to overcome it, however dire it may be. The indomitable will of the human spirit should never be underestimated; it’s a great force worth tapping into.