Sunday, December 11, 2011

“Opportunity: Fate or Perception?”

Opportunity is synonymous to the word: “chance” which could open doors to rewarding and stirring experiences or unexpected and sometimes disappointing undertakings. Life is a game of chance that could be both fulfilling and frustrating and despite this disparity, both play a special role in what we usually call: “experience”. In every opportunity lie life lessons and values that chip away the rough edges to reveal our facets.

We all have different interpretations of this seemingly simple but ironic word. For some people, opportunities are usually connected with future careers or working abroad that would ultimately lead to financial stability, while those left behind are hoping for that chance of being reunited with their loved ones already working overseas.

In some cases, there are some individuals who join competitions to have the opportunity of being known and eventually uplifting their status in life, while some only wish to have the chance of a lifetime to meet their so-called “idols” that have somehow influenced their lives in more ways than one.

Opportunities abound, but it ironically also eludes us in the most unexpected and atypical of circumstances. It is therefore a question of whether opportunities are bound by fate or is it really about choice and perception?
Is it fate if we plan our paths and work hard towards our aspirations only to end in disappointment, simply because it wasn’t meant to be? Or is it a choice of perception that an opportunity that has gone awry is also an opportunity in itself?

I personally would like to think that opportunities abound, it depends only on our perception of its existence and whether we choose to see it and accept it at the right time and place. Opportunities do knock only once, but some can repeat itself unexpectedly.

So, if people ask me what opportunities have I had, I could say that I have had the opportunity of being an EFL instructor/Fitness trainer and having the privilege of working with colleagues that are the best at what they do as well as learning from them in the process.

I am also thankful to have met, helped and worked with students/clients of different backgrounds, age groups and beliefs. It was an opportunity to see life through their eyes and be a part of their experiences as well as them be a part of mine.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity of learning that life is not just about accolades or recognitions, but it’s the chance of enriching your life as well as that of others with every unique experience.

Everything in life is an opportunity, chase it, wait for it or ignore it – it’s ultimately a choice.

winning essay in the 15th essay contest hosted by the:
International Online Teacher's Society (Dec 11, 2011)

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